Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Super Mario
In 1981 Mario made his first big appearance in one of the first Donkey Kong video game, back then he wasn’t known as super Mario, he wasn’t even known as Mario, he was simply known as Jump Man, this was due to the barrels he had to jump over the donkey Kong was throwing to stop jump man from reaching who is now known as princess peach, jump man didn’t receive his proper name Mario until 1982 when he and donkey Kong had seemingly switched places and now Mario was the barrel tossing brute, things were only going to up from here and Mario was going to finally become the hero we all know and love in 1983 when Nintendo put our loveable plumber and his younger brother Luigi in the shoes of plumbers and were tasked with saving new York, Mario only had up to go from here.

Sonic first popped up on June 23 1991 thanks to the good folks at SEGA, sonic was originally created in an attempted to compete with Nintendo and Nintendo’s ridiculously popular super Mario, sonic was released on the now ancient Sega Genesis as a release title, sonic was one of the first games of it’s time to not be a platformer and concentrate of speed running, so without saying sonic took of rather well.
Sonics next release came out on November 24 1992 and was simply titled “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” needless to say it was yet another smash hit like it predecessor, this was mainly due to the graphic updates as well as the new gameplay options and modes, the third instalment only added a few changers compared to the second game, you now had the option to change between characters during saves and introduced the now catchy and annoying sonic boom song, today sonic is just as popular as he was back then with the countless titles he’s stared in and made few appearances in.

Metroid made its first debut on august 6th 1986 on the Nintendo or NES, Metroid made a rather big splash in the game industry for it’s dark and gloomy feel, unlike almost every other Nintendo game, Metroid was a side scrolling platformer and would prove to be one of the most awesome and time consuming games of its time due to its tough levels well written story and the shock that you were playing as a woman, Metroid would go on to have two more sequels during 90s and eventually enter into the glory of the 2000s.

-Lloyd Clasby

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